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Caster installation_How to install casters?


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Caster installation_How to install casters?

The caster must be installed correctly, otherwise it will have a great impact on the life of the caster. So, how should the caster be installed?
Introduce some basic caster installation knowledge.
When installing casters, different brackets should be used for wheel bodies of different materials, which are usually installed on fixed brackets. Know that the connection between industrial casters and equipment must be durable, and caster installation must be quick and safe.

In addition, use the appropriate caster device to cooperate with the bracket.

After the caster is installed, the function cannot be changed, and the caster bracket installed on the caster must have sufficient strength. If caster swivel the bearing must always be vertical.

Fixed casters must be in line with their axles. If only swivel casters are used, they must be the same. If fixed casters are used in conjunction with swivel casters, all casters must be compatible with each other and must be recommended by the manufacturer.

A special product must be specified. After the caster is installed, you must pay attention to the environment of use and the maintenance of the caster. Generally speaking, the temperature of the caster should be higher than 5°C and lower than 30°C.
Casters are used in the following areas: outdoors, coastal areas, areas with high corrosiveness and/or harsh service conditions.

The efficiency of the casters will decrease, especially when the operating temperature is lower or higher than the above data, and the listed normal load capacity may be affected. Special products will have detailed instructions. Complete casters are assembled from component parts.

The manufacturer is only responsible for complete casters made from original parts.

Tightening of caster mounted axles and/or adjustable center pins. Any cleaning agent used.

Routine maintenance of casters: oiling and lubrication of axles and rotating bearings; after installation. Neither contain corrosive and abrasive ingredients.


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