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Selection points of industrial rubber wheels


Selection points of industrial rubber wheels

When you need to buy industrial rubber wheels, pay attention to the following points:

1. The weight that the wheel needs to bear, the purchased wheel should be larger than this weight to increase the service life of the wheel;

2. The use site of the wheel, the smooth wheel with light glue, the uneven wheel with wire glue, the grooved iron core;

3. Choose light rubber wheels for light-bearing wheels, and wire rubber wheels for heavy-bearing ones; those with grooved iron cores are required;

4. The choice of quality The rubber wheels must be elastic and hard, otherwise it is easy to lose glue and degumming, and it is cheap to buy and expensive to use. The load bearing must be slotted iron core and wire glue, so as to make the service life long and cheap to use. No matter what type of industrial rubber wheel has no elasticity and hardness, the quality will not be good.


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