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Industrial caster manufacturers believe that it is more important to not only focus on wheel maintenance and comprehensive maintenance


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The swivel caster structure of industrial caster manufacturers is composed of wheels, brackets and fasteners. In general, the wheel can be said to be the core of the swivel caster, but this does not mean that customers can ignore the swivel caster when maintaining it. For other parts, the caster brand thinks that the maintenance of the swivel caster is very important, but the comprehensive maintenance of the swivel caster is more important. Next, LPHY will tell you about the maintenance of the swivel caster in addition to the wheel maintenance. Carry out maintenance.

Maintenance of brackets and fasteners. If the swivel caster is too loose, it must be replaced immediately. If the center rivet of the caster is fixed by a nut, it must be firmly locked. If the movable steering wheel cannot rotate freely, check whether there is corrosion or dirt on the ball. If it is equipped with fixed casters, make sure that the caster bracket is not bent.

Tighten loose axles and nuts and inspect for damage to welds or support plates. Overloading or impact can cause the bracket to twist, and the twisted bracket causes the heavy load to lean on the individual wheels and cause premature wheel damage, so the twisted bracket needs to be corrected or replaced.

Lubricating oil maintenance: Add lubricating oil regularly, and the wheels and movable bearings can be used normally for a long time. Apply the grease to the friction parts of the wheel shaft, the sealing ring and the roller bearing, which can reduce friction and make the rotation more flexible.

The maintenance of the wheels of the swivel caster is important, but it cannot be ignored. In the process of maintaining the swivel caster, only comprehensive maintenance can ensure the flexible use of the swivel caster, thereby prolonging the life of the swivel caster.


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