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Different factors determine the choice of industrial medium-duty casters


Different factors determine the choice of industrial medium-duty casters

Industrial medium-sized casters mainly refer to a medium-sized caster product used in factories or mechanical equipment. It can be made of high-grade imported reinforced nylon, super polyurethane, and rubber. The whole product has high impact resistance and strength. The metal parts of the bracket are made of high-quality steel plates and treated with galvanized or chrome-plated anti-corrosion treatment, and precision ball bearings are installed inside by means of integral injection molding. Users can choose 3MM, 4MM, 5MM, 6MM steel plate as caster bracket.

Different factors determine the choice of industrial medium-sized casters, the key is to choose the right one for your use. Several important considerations are described below.


Decide the weight of the load, the size of the wheel, and also affect the rotation of the industrial medium-sized caster. The ball bearing is suitable for heavier load requirements of more than 180 kg.

Use site conditions

Choose a wheel large enough to accommodate the cracks of the scene. Factors such as the size of the road surface used, obstacles, etc. should also be considered.

special environment

Each type of wheel adapts to different working environments, choose the best one to adapt to the special environment.

For example, traditional rubber is not resistant to acid, oil and chemicals. If you want to apply to different special environments, high-tech polyurethane rubber wheels, plastic wheels, modified rubber wheels and steel wheels are a good choice.

rotational flexibility

The larger the wheel, the more effortless it is to rotate, the ball bearing can carry heavier loads, and the ball bearing rotates more flexibly but carries a lighter load.


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