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Experience sharing of the use of casters in supermarkets


Author: LPHY –Professional casters manufacturer,

Supermarket casters are mainly used to place under the goods trolleys and flatbeds. There are many people in the store and many shelves, so this trolley is very flexible. From my numerous observations of casters in supermarkets, I can draw some lessons.

First of all, for supermarket casters, nylon (PA) movable casters must be selected, and special care should be taken not to use iron or rubber wheels. The material of the nylon wheel is Z to suit personal feeling. This caster is quiet, wear-resistant, smooth surface, low friction coefficient and flexible in use.

For the loading and unloading of goods in supermarkets, there is a big demand that the goods are labor-saving and light to carry.

After working for such a long time, some old-fashioned trolleys and flatbeds are often damaged. The main reason for the damage of such flatbeds is often the damage of the caster parts, and the damage to the casters with the outer edge of the rubber material and the metal inner bone is often the most. It is very common for such a caster to peel off the outer edge of the rubber after using it for a long time.

For casters made of nylon, due to the excellent wrapping of nylon material, and because the nylon material is smooth and wear-resistant, the probability of peeling of the material is greatly reduced during use.

All in all, the purchase of casters in supermarkets does not want the longer the service life of the casters, the better, not only the long life, but also the comfort and convenience of use. It is highly recommended that you buy universal casters (swivel casters) made of nylon (PA).


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