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Casters are everywhere in life


Casters are everywhere in life

Casters play a magical role in everyday life. It is no exaggeration to say that without the existence of casters, our lives would be a mess.

The invention of casters is no less than the four major inventions in China. When the wheels have not evolved into the current casters, the use of wheels is also quite common.

At first, it was only to save energy and facilitate the movement of heavy objects. With the continuous development of human beings, the requirements for wheels have also increased. Later, it changed from wheels to today's casters, which can be easily used by us.

The existence of casters brings great convenience to people's lives. We all know that wheels can reduce people's load and are more convenient to carry. However, ordinary wheels can only move forward or backward, and it is more troublesome to change the direction. The variety of caster characteristics solves this problem perfectly.

The movable caster is also called the universal wheel, its structure allows 360-degree rotation; the fixed caster is also called the directional caster, it has no rotating structure and cannot be rotated.

Usually two kinds of casters are used in combination. For example, the structure of the trolley is two directional wheels in the front, and two universal wheels in the back near the push armrest.

For example, the commonly used casters are golden casters, light casters, etc., which can be used in coffee tables, refrigerators, tables, chairs, strollers, etc., which can save us space and play a better use value. So casters actually play a big role.


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