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Four tests performed by caster manufacturers


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Four tests performed by caster manufacturers

Generally, caster manufacturers will undergo strict testing when they leave the factory, which is mainly to ensure that the casters can be better used after they go to the market. To protect the interests and personal integrity of consumers, maybe we don't know how to detect casters if we are not engaged in the production of casters. In order to enable everyone to have a full understanding of the inspection of casters, here we may share with you the normal inspection items of casters.

1. Walking performance test

The walking performance test is to walk on the steel turntable at a certain speed after loading {zd0}, and you can see whether the tire is cracked, peeled, whether it is smooth and whether there is any abnormal sound.

2. Weight resistance test

Carry out the determination of the net load in the vertical direction. The installation part of the caster is fixed, and the load capacity when {zd0} is loaded can be seen.

In addition, destructive loads can also be measured.

3. Test of wheel turning performance

Put the wheel on a horizontal test plane, let it load the specified {zd0} load, fasten a rope parallel to the test surface, and gradually increase the weight through the pulley, and measure the mass of the weight when the wheel rotates to 1/2.

4. Test of Rotation Performance

The rotation performance test is to fix the caster on the bracket arm of the testing machine, adjust the starting angle to 90 degrees facing the direction of the caster wheel, and let the caster load the load of {zd0} and then rotate it to see the rotation tendency.

The above are the four tests that casters have to go through when they are produced. Therefore, only by ensuring that these four tests are qualified, can the casters be used in the market.


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