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How to make medium-sized casters work?


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The rise of the medium caster industry It is also difficult to trace the history of medium casters, but after people invented the wheel, it became much easier to carry and move objects, but the wheel can only run in a straight line, for carrying heavy objects It is still very difficult to change the direction at the time, and later people invented the wheel with a steering structure, which is what we now call a medium-sized caster or a swivel wheel. The emergence of medium-sized casters has brought a revolution in the era of people's handling, especially moving objects. Not only can they be easily handled, but they can also move in any direction, which greatly improves the efficiency.

When using medium-sized casters, it is hoped to consider the way of use, required functions, and conditions of use (use range) in advance, and then select the appropriate type, please pay attention to the following items: First, the appropriate load-bearing load, the possible load-bearing load in the product introduction refers to It is a general load that is easy to move when it is transported on a flat ground by manual operation, and it is a general load that can be carried out for a long time in a safe state. It is necessary to estimate the total weight of the transported objects in advance, and then according to the allowable load Choose the right medium-sized casters.

Usually, only 3 of the 4 medium-sized casters are subjected to force. When using medium-sized casters of different sizes and specifications, please use the medium-sized caster with the lowest load-bearing load as the benchmark to calculate the overall bearing capacity. Regarding the speed, the requirements for the speed of the medium-sized casters are: in the normal temperature environment, at a normal temperature not higher than the walking speed, on a flat ground, with a certain resting state of general use. The diameter of medium-sized casters is less than 2 km/h under 75mm, and under 4 km/h under 100mm.

Use conditions, according to the specific installation of medium-sized casters, determine the wheel diameter, material, installation method (such as plate-mounted, screw-fixed, etc.) and the type of medium-sized casters (such as flexible rotation type) , fixed type, stop type, etc.). In short, according to the existing types of medium-sized casters or the various types that can be selected, the most suitable one should be selected after a full balance.

In modern times, with the rise of the industrial revolution, more and more equipment needs to be moved, and medium-sized casters are more and more widely used in the world, and medium-sized casters are almost inseparable from all walks of life.

In modern times, with the continuous development of science and technology, the equipment has become more and more versatile and highly utilized, and medium-sized casters have become an indispensable part. The development of medium-sized casters has become more specialized and has become a special industry.

The user is responsible for the correct operation and maintenance of the manual material transport equipment used. If the operation is wrong, some products will be easily damaged, and the correct use of the product and effective maintenance will make the medium-sized casters effective.

1. The equipment should not be overweight.

2. Do not overload trolleys or equipment with universal wheels.

3. Try not to operate at high speed.

These operations will produce strong shocks and vibrations, which will cause the swivel casters, wheels and equipment to not work properly.


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