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How does a furniture factory choose a suitable furniture caster supplier?


Furniture casters are widely used in social and economic production and life. For furniture manufacturers, the furniture casters must be determined in detail when purchasing furniture casters. In order to ensure the quality of furniture, the quality and stability of furniture casters must be guaranteed.

The practicality of furniture can be greatly improved.

First of all, the choice of furniture casters is related to weight. Divided into light load-bearing casters, medium load-bearing casters and heavy-duty load-bearing casters.

The load-bearing range of light casters is generally 70 to 150 kg. The load-bearing range of medium load-bearing casters is 150-300kg, and the load-bearing capacity of heavy load-bearing casters can reach 300-500kg. Furniture casters measure the overall weight of the furniture.

If it is the caster of the office chair, it is not only the weight of the furniture itself, but also the weight of the user. If the weight is not suitable, it will affect the safety of future use.

Second, look at the size of the furniture casters.

The size of the wheel is the diameter. This unit is inches, and an inch is approximately 3.3 centimeters. Furniture casters are commercially available in sizes 1-12 inches.

Properly sized casters can enhance the overall aesthetic of mobile furniture. If the caster size is too large or too small, it will also affect the later use of the furniture.

Again, the use of furniture casters is usually determined by the actual use of the furniture.

Polyurethane casters and nylon casters are currently the main materials, and polyurethane wheels also have different types of strength.

Polyurethane casters are the main material of furniture casters. It has a good mute effect and is suitable for various use environments.

Widely used in hospitals, schools, logistics, transportation and other industries. Casters made of materials such as nylon have better steering performance, greater flexibility and lighter weight, excellent wear resistance and load carrying capacity. The downside is that nylon is hard, brittle, and quiet.

Don't look at this caster. In fact, parts often determine the overall performance and lifespan of furniture, and more importantly, the safety issues that arise during use. It is especially important to choose the right caster if the wheel is not selected according to the regulations.

For the specific conditions of use, it is likely that the use process is not suitable. Therefore, the service life of the casters is reduced, thereby reducing the safety of the furniture. Therefore, the choice of casters can not be ignored.


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