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How to buy industrial casters?


How to buy industrial casters?

Industrial caster manufacturers are considered to be the most widely used industries in different fields and industries around the world, such as furniture, industrial production, agriculture and animal husbandry, freight logistics, warehousing and logistics, and national defense technology in docks, which almost involve all In the field, there are about 15,000 different casters in the world.

But how should you choose industrial casters of such types and specifications, and the quality of different casters is messy. Today, I will tell you how to quickly select suitable high-quality casters. From the analysis of the appearance of the casters, how to identify high-quality casters and fake casters, what should I be concerned about when applying industrial casters?

1. Analysis of packaging appearance from industrial caster manufacturers

Selecting high-quality casters Generally speaking, a reliable caster factory is to use cardboard boxes or trays to package and transport the casters, marked with a prominent mark (including the product name of the caster, the manufacturer's address, telephone, etc.), which is effective. In order to avoid the hazards caused by the caster during the whole process of transportation.

However, because small factories have not converted to mass production or in order to save costs, they generally use packaging bags, which cannot ensure that the caster products are not harmful during the whole process of transportation.

2. From the analysis of the wheel appearance of industrial caster manufacturers, select high-quality casters

The caster is used for transportation, depending on whether it is a plastic wheel by injection molding, or a caster wheel made of metal material, so the wheel of the caster must be

Must be annular or spherical, it is the cause of the Z basis, and must not be out of round. The wheel of the caster has a smooth surface, no scratches, a well-proportioned color tone, and no significant color cast.

3. Select high-quality casters from the analysis of the running ability of industrial casters

High-quality swivel casters, when the cast-in-place plate rotates, each bearing steel ball should be able to touch the sports surface of the thick steel plate, the rotation is smooth, and there is no significant frictional resistance

situation. When the wheel of the caster rotates, it should rotate according to the strain, and there should be no significant left and right bouncing.


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