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How to choose a suitable industrial caster manufacturer industrial caster?


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Casters are widely used and are designed for almost any industry. According to the needs of different industries, people continue to invent all kinds of casters, and there are about 150,000 different casters used in various industries around the world. Casters are constructed from a single wheel mounted on a stand that fits under the equipment to allow it to move freely.

Casters are mainly divided into two categories: A fixed caster fixed bracket with a single wheel, can only move in a straight line. B The 360-degree steering bracket of the movable casters is equipped with a single wheel, which can drive in any direction at will.

How to choose a suitable industrial caster manufacturer industrial caster?

1. Special environment: each wheel adapts to different working environments, choose a good one to adapt to the special environment.

For example, traditional rubber is not resistant to acid, oil and chemicals. If you want to apply to different special environments, Keshun high-tech polyurethane rubber wheels, plastic wheels, modified bakelite rubber wheels and steel wheels are good choices.

2. Rotation flexibility: The larger the wheel, the more labor-saving it is to rotate, the ball bearing can carry heavier loads, and the ball bearing rotates more flexibly but has a lighter load.

3. Temperature limit: severe cold and heat may cause trouble to many wheels. If the casters use the special green grease made by Keshun, the casters can be suitable for high temperature from -40°C to 165°C.

4. Bearing capacity: It determines the weight of the bearing, the size of the wheel, and also affects the rotation of the industrial caster. The ball bearing is suitable for the heavier bearing requirements of more than 180 kg.

5. Use field conditions: Choose a wheel large enough to fit the cracks in the scene. Factors such as the size of the road surface used, obstacles, etc. should also be considered.

Bearing is an important spare part in caster manufacturer's caster, and the bearing capacity of caster is largely related to it. Due to the difference in quality, the price and lifespan are naturally different. The casters used in different environments are also different.

Generally speaking, it is divided into a universal wheel and a directional wheel, and the universal wheel is more widely used because it is more flexible.


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