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How to choose industrial casters


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Industrial casters are widely used. Casters are a small item. You may not have thought that there are about 15,000 different casters in the world. However, the number of casters is so complicated, only you understand the industry. The selection method of the pros and cons of casters is very simple.

1. From the analysis of the operation ability of industrial casters, choose high-quality casters

The high-quality universal caster of the industrial caster manufacturer, when the top plate rotates, each steel ball should be able to touch the steel runway surface, the rotation is smooth, and there is no obvious resistance. When the wheel of the caster is turned, it should rotate freely without obvious jumping up and down.

2. From the appearance analysis of industrial caster wheels, choose high-quality casters

The caster is used for transportation, depending on whether it is an injection-molded plastic wheel or a processed metal caster wheel, so the wheel of the caster must be round or spherical. This is the most basic reason, and it must not be out of round. The wheel of the caster has a smooth surface, no bumps, uniform color, and no obvious color difference.

3. Analysis from the packaging appearance of industrial casters

Choose high-quality casters Generally speaking, regular caster factories use cartons or pallets to package and transport the casters, marked with obvious marks (including the product name of the caster, the manufacturer's location, telephone number, etc.), which effectively prevents the caster from being transported. damage in the process.

Small factories usually use woven bags for packaging because they have not been converted into mass production or in order to save costs, which cannot guarantee that the caster products will not be damaged during transportation.

As long as you learn the above judgment methods, no matter how much you dazzle your caster types, you will easily find high-quality commercial casters, and you will no longer be deceived by unscrupulous merchants.


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