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How to choose the right bearing for the stainless steel caster of the caster manufacturer


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As for how to choose high-quality stainless steel casters, I believe you already have a certain understanding, so a good stainless steel caster cannot be separated from high-quality bearings. We all know that the use of Wanda stainless steel casters is inseparable from the assistance of bearings. High-quality stainless steel caster bearings should be suitable for their respective application places, and can leave enough safety margin, so how do we choose this high-quality stainless steel caster What about bearings?

The selection of stainless steel caster bearings from caster manufacturers is a must for purchasers. There are many kinds of bearings used in stainless steel casters. Without it, stainless steel casters lose their value.

Therefore, industrial caster manufacturers suggest that the ideal bearing should be suitable for the respective application and ensure the necessary safety margin. In addition to the wheel surface, wheel diameter and swivel bearing, the wheel bearing determines the mobility of this stainless steel caster and even the quality of this stainless steel caster.

The use environment is very important for the selection of bearings, and different use environments have different requirements: the casters used in factories are different from the stainless steel casters used by businesses, the stainless steel casters used in tool carts are different from the light casters used in hospital beds, shopping carts The requirements for the casters used must be quite different from those of the stainless steel casters that are used in the factory to carry heavy loads.

Zhongshan Weixin Caster Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will introduce several types of bearings:

1. Ordinary bearing

A simple form of wheel bearing is the sliding or friction of the bearing. They are shock-resistant, virtually maintenance-free and, depending on the material's properties, also resistant to corrosion. If the equipment only needs to move at short distances and at low speeds, it is recommended to install wheels with ordinary bearings.

2. Taper bearing

Tapered bearing is one of the important components of roller bearing. Compared with ordinary bearings, they have the special advantage of expanding the field of use and providing improved movement characteristics.

3. Plane bearing and tapered bearing

It is suitable for swivel wheels with high and extra high load and high rotation speed, which require anti-collision.

4. Precision ball bearings

The uniquely designed single-row radial precision ball bearing conforming to the German industry standard is the highest quality type of bearing. Swivel wheels equipped with these ball bearings maintain extremely low rolling resistance even under extreme loads.

5. Needle roller bearings

In addition to wear-resistant and deep-groove ball bearings, this robust, shock-resistant bearing is mainly used in transport equipment swivel wheels.

Compared with other bearings, needle roller bearings are known for their low installation height, relatively low rolling resistance and large load capacity. Wheels equipped with needle bearings should not move faster than 4 km/h, which is close to the speed of people walking.


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