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How to choose the right medium caster bracket


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Usually choose a suitable medium-sized caster bracket to first consider the weight of medium-sized casters, such as supermarkets, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other places, because the ground is good, smooth and the goods to be handled are light, (each medium-sized caster is carried at 50-150kg ), it is suitable to choose the electroplating wheel frame stamped and formed by thin steel plate 3-4mm. The wheel frame is light, flexible, quiet and beautiful. This electroplating wheel frame is divided into double-row balls and single-row balls according to the ball arrangement. Double-row beads should be used during handling; in factories and warehouses, where goods are frequently handled and the load is heavy (each medium-sized caster carries 150-680kg), it is suitable to use a double-row steel plate 5-6 Mm stamped, hot forged and welded. Wheel frame with balls; if it is used to transport heavy objects such as textile factories, automobile factories, machinery factories, etc., due to the heavy load and long walking distance (each medium-sized caster carries 700-2500kg), thick steel plate 8 should be selected. -The wheel frame welded after 12mm cutting, the movable wheel frame uses plane ball bearing and ball bearing on the bottom plate, so that the medium-sized caster can bear heavy load, rotate flexibly, and resist impact.

The above is how to correctly choose the medium-sized caster bracket, I hope to help you. We use advanced technology and sophisticated production to ensure the quality of products and the interests of customers, and have been unanimously recognized by customers.


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