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How to determine the quality of medium casters


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1. Installation height:

The installation height of the steering medium caster refers to the vertical distance from the bottom plate and the wheel of the steering medium caster. Refers to the vertical distance from the ground to the location of the equipment.

2. The structure of steering medium casters:

Used to place the device under the device to allow it to move freely.

Steering medium-duty casters are mainly divided into two categories: they are made of a single wheel mounted on a bracket.

AFixed swivel medium-duty casters can only move in a straight line. The fixed bracket is equipped with a single wheel.

B movable steering medium-sized casters can drive in any direction at will. The 360-degree steering bracket is equipped with a single wheel.

Classification by application industry:

Mainly divided into medical medium-sized casters: special medium-sized casters that meet the requirements of hospitals with the characteristics of light operation, flexible steering, high elasticity, special ultra-quiet, wear-resistant, anti-winding and chemical corrosion resistance.

It is more suitable to mainly use polyurethane and artificial rubber medium-sized casters.

Industrial medium-sized casters: mainly refers to a medium-sized caster product used in factories or mechanical equipment. It can be made of high-grade imported reinforced nylon (PA6), super polyurethane, and rubber. The whole product has a high impact resistance. Strength and strength, with strong bearing capacity.

Supermarket medium-sized casters: specially developed medium-sized casters to adapt to the mobile needs of supermarket shelves and the light and flexible characteristics of shopping carts.

Furniture medium-sized casters: Furniture medium-sized casters are mainly produced to meet the needs of furniture with low center of gravity and high load-bearing.

The extensive use of medium-sized casters not only promotes social progress, but also has a great impact on the development of our lives; for example, medium-sized casters in our furniture, medium-sized casters in chairs, and some large-scale machinery in the industry are now In order to facilitate the movement, the medium-sized casters have been adopted. It is conceivable how much convenience the use of the medium-sized casters has brought us. Among the medium-sized casters we see in our lives, it is not that it can be used through production, but it has also undergone a series of tests before it can be boxed, packaged, and used.


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