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How to distinguish between artificial rubber casters and natural rubber casters


Author: LPHY–Professional casters manufacturer

Artificial casters are a kind of casters corresponding to natural rubber casters. Many people tend to confuse these two casters, so how to distinguish between artificial rubber casters and natural rubber casters. 1. Soft texture The rubber texture is relatively hard, it will damage the floor, and the anti-chemical corrosion performance is poor, but the performance in other aspects is relatively good, and the price is relatively low, suitable for outdoor places and the environment is not too harsh. 2. Flexible rotation Plastic, nylon, iron, and steel are not so flexible to rotate, some noise, and have certain damage to the floor. Among them, plastic is not resistant to wear, but its waterproof performance and chemical corrosion resistance are better. Nylon And iron, steel and other wear-resistant, but the waterproof performance is poor.

These types are suitable for places where noise is not so demanding. 3. Good performance of artificial casters These two materials have the characteristics of floor protection, flexible rotation, quiet rotation, no wheel marks, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, good waterproof performance, and chemical corrosion resistance. It is suitable for high-end machines or indoor floors that are easily damaged; places with relatively harsh environments, etc.

Synthetic caster is a soft elastic rubber-like thermoplastic elastomer tread chemically bonded to a rigid thermoplastic wheel core. The super synthetic rubber wheel combines the advantages of soft and hard rubber wheels, and can roll as flexible and durable as hard rubber wheels. , and has the characteristics of soft rubber wheel impact resistance, silent, and no damage to the floor. In addition, it has excellent weather resistance, low temperature performance, chemical resistance, water and steam and puncture resistance, so it is widely used. 4. Environmentally friendly materials Artificial casters are more environmentally friendly and are renewable and recyclable materials. Compared with rubber casters, they have greater advantages in this regard.

In short, artificial casters can be used in situations where the ground is relatively smooth, clean, without wheel marks, does not damage the ground and needs to be quiet. It is suitable for assembly workshops of hospitals and automobile factories, mobile shelves for storing 3051 intelligent pressure transmitters, etc. Its biggest advantage is that due to the soft surface of the wheel, the bearing capacity is low, and it is more laborious to push.

Through the comparison of the above contents, it should be easier for everyone to distinguish between artificial casters and natural rubber casters! .

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