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How to maintain the stainless steel casters of caster manufacturers


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The obvious advantage of stainless steel casters is that stainless steel can be washed with water, which is also related to its own corrosion-resistant characteristics.

Furthermore, if the casters made of stainless steel are used, the wear and tear of the product can be reduced, and at the same time, the caster products can be more stable during use.

The larger the stainless steel caster wheel of the caster manufacturer, the better the driving flexibility. On a stable ground, the hard and narrow wheel is more labor-saving than the flat-edged soft wheel.

But on uneven ground, soft wheels save effort. But on uneven ground, soft wheels can better protect the equipment and absorb shocks. The purpose of stainless steel casters is for the convenience of handling, such as for use in indoors, on various equipment and various handling machines that need to be handled in buildings, and it is the reinforcement of human hands.

Talk about the maintenance method of stainless steel casters.

1. The relatively simple maintenance methods are: you can use anti-rust maintenance agent for maintenance. It can reduce dust and rust or other impurities that promote rust on the surface of the caster.

2. Clean the stainless steel casters frequently. Of course, it is better not to wash with too much water. After cleaning, be sure to prevent drying in a ventilated and dry place, and wipe with a dry cloth to compare the price. If the dust is relatively small, you can directly wipe it with a dry cloth.

3. The caster has a certain bearing capacity, and the prevented goods should not exceed its bearing capacity, which will reduce its service life.

4. You can often apply some lubricating oil, etc., so that it can roll better.

5. If it is a caster with a castor with a plug-in rod, make sure that the installation hole of the equipment is not bent and is closely connected with the plug-in rod.


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