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How to use the casters of the transport cart and the machine


How to use the casters of the transport cart and the machine

In the handling of carts and machinery, casters have become their most important accessories; however, whether they are handling cart casters or machine casters, they are used in the same way, helping objects move better and reducing the force; The correct use of casters can help you to better play the special effects. What method is the correct use of casters should first be understood from the use of casters.

Casters or wheels are mounted on transport carts and machines, and are pushed by intermittent manpower for transport. The handling cart casters and machine casters are currently the most frequently used industries for casters.

Caster options:
When choosing casters, please consider the total load of the transport cart, machine, etc. as the selection criterion. When the diameter of the wheels of the transport cart casters and machine casters is larger, the propulsion force is saved, the ground can be better protected, and the wheels are more durable. The larger diameter wheels are selected as far as the installation height allows.

Use speed: The load is used under the indirect action of manpower at the following speed.

Wheel diameter: below 75MM - below 2KM/H, above 100MM - below 4KM/H;

Use environment:

The casters of the handling cart and the machine are designed at room temperature. Please use manpower to push on the flat ground, and avoid walking on acid, alkali, salt, oil, water and obviously uneven ground. In addition, when using in special environments such as high temperature above 60°C and low temperature below -5°C, please select casters corresponding to the applicable temperature.

Caster setting conditions:
1. Do not exceed the load above the load;
2. The casters are suitable for flat ground, please do not let them fall from a height with a drop to avoid being impacted;
3. Avoid using it up and down on the forklift;


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