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How to consider the safety factor of medical casters


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The safety of medical casters is a major issue related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and the importance of medical caster packaging, which is closely related to this, is beyond doubt. Behind the supply of food supplies for China's 1.3 billion people is the huge medical caster market for medical caster packaging.

There are many different factors that determine the choice of a medical caster, the key is what is right for your use.

Several important considerations are described below.

Rotation flexibility: The larger the wheel, the more effortless it is to rotate, the ball bearing can carry heavier loads, and the ball bearing rotates more flexibly but has a lighter load.

Temperature limitation: Severe cold and heat may cause trouble to many wheels. Medical casters can be used in high temperature from -40°C to 165°C if the medical casters use the special green grease made by Cosun.

Bearing capacity: It determines the weight of the bearing, the size of the wheel, and also affects the rotation of the medical caster. The ball bearing is suitable for the heavier bearing requirements of more than 180 kg.

Use field conditions: Choose wheels large enough to accommodate the cracks in the field. Factors such as the size of the road surface used, obstacles, etc. should also be considered.

Special environment: Each wheel adapts to different working environments, choose a better one to adapt to the special environment. For example, traditional rubber is not resistant to acid oil and chemicals. If you want to apply to different special environments, polyurethane rubber wheels, plastic wheels, modified bakelite rubber wheels and steel wheels are good choices.

The medical caster industry is a capital-intensive, technology-intensive, and talent-intensive industry, as well as a highly competitive and high-risk industry.

Practice has proved that whether it is a developed country or a developing country, the development of the integrated circuit industry must take a concentrated approach, and whether it is research and development or enterprise production, all emphasize cooperation rather than single action. Therefore, "preventing the spread" and "controlling the spread" will still be our important work for a period of time in the future.


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