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Industrial caster manufacturers introduce what is industrial caster, industrial caster application and purchase


In the field of industrial caster manufacturers, it mainly includes the medical industry, the light industry manufacturing industry, the logistics handling equipment manufacturing industry and the kitchen equipment industry. Because the caster product itself is an indicator of the industrialization process classified according to the size of the device and the weight of the bearing, its main supply industries are as follows: carton packaging industry, bearing industry, plastic raw material industry, sheet metal industry, advertising planning industry and Screw specification parts industry and steel ball industry and so on.

1. Performance and characteristics

1. Generally speaking, industrial casters can be used in various industries such as factories, workshops, commerce, and catering.

2. Different caster products can be designed according to the environmental bearing capacity required by users.

3. Casters of various materials and widths can be selected according to different use environments of users.

4. There are two types of industrial ball bearings and industrial roller bearings.

5. The caster bracket produced by high-pressure punching machine is punched and formed at one time, which is suitable for short-distance transportation of goods with a carrying capacity of 200-500 kg.

Second, the role of industrial caster accessories

1. Steering lock: The steering bearing is locked by the anti-spring latch, and the movable caster can be locked as a fixed caster. It can be said that one round is multi-purpose.

2. Side brake: a brake device installed on the surface of the wheel bush or tire and operated by hand or foot.

3. Double brake: a brake device that can lock the steering and fix the wheels.

4. Support frame: a device installed on the surface of the transport tool that can make it fixed in a certain position.

5. Anti-winding cover: It is used to avoid wrapping the gap between the axle and the bracket and the wheel with other materials, so that the wheel can rotate freely and flexibly.

6. Sealing ring: avoid the steering bearing or single wheel bearing from entering dust to maintain its lubricity and facilitate flexible rotation.

7. Others: including steering arms, levers, anti-loosening pads and other components with specific purposes.

3. How to choose suitable industrial casters

1. Special environment Each wheel is suitable for different working environment, choose the best one to adapt to the special environment.

For example, traditional rubber is not resistant to acid, oil and chemicals. If you want to apply to different special environments, Keshun high-tech polyurethane rubber wheels, plastic wheels, modified bakelite rubber wheels and steel wheels are good choices.

2. Rotation flexibility: The larger the wheel, the more labor-saving it is to rotate, the ball bearing can carry heavier loads, and the ball bearing rotates more flexibly but has a lighter load.

3. Temperature limit Severe cold and heat may cause trouble to many wheels. If the casters use the special green grease made by Keshun, the casters can be suitable for high temperature from -40°C to 165°C.

4. The bearing capacity determines the weight of the bearing, the size of the wheel, and also affects the rotation of the industrial caster. The ball bearing is suitable for the heavier bearing requirements of more than 180 kg.

5. Use field conditions Choose a wheel big enough to fit the cracks in the scene. Factors such as the size of the road surface used, obstacles, etc. should also be considered.

Fourth, the maintenance skills of industrial casters

1. The function of the industrial caster cannot be changed, and the universal caster is not affected by the installation device.

2. The axis of rotation must always be vertical.

3. The fixed industrial casters must be in a straight line with their axles.

4. If the fixed industrial caster is used in conjunction with the rotating industrial caster, all industrial casters of the universal caster must be compatible with each other.

5. If only swivel industrial casters are used, they must be consistent.

Industrial casters can also be used as a caster product for factories or mechanical equipment. It can choose single wheels made of high-grade imported reinforced nylon (PA6), super polyurethane and rubber. The overall product has high impact resistance and strength.

The metal parts of the bracket are made of high-quality steel plates and treated with galvanized or chrome-plated anti-corrosion treatment, and precision ball bearings are installed inside by means of integral injection molding.


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