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Industrial caster manufacturers suggest what to pay attention to when purchasing


Caster products are a general term, but as the products of industrial caster manufacturers are gradually subdivided, they are divided into different products such as industrial rubber wheels, medical casters, etc. according to the application industry. Industrial casters are a special caster product suitable for factories or mechanical equipment. , The demand for caster products in the industry is relatively high, such as the specifications and dimensions of the purchased casters, the applicable environment, and the load-bearing capacity. Comprehensive analysis.

The first is the driving load of the caster, including the driving load and the impact load. The driving load is mainly to consider the bearing capacity of the industrial caster when it is moved, also known as the dynamic load. Generally speaking, the dynamic load of the caster is higher than the bearing capacity. The weight of the item is a quarter larger. This is also due to the consideration of safety and stability during driving. The dynamic load bearing capacity of casters will vary according to the test methods provided by different products. Therefore, buyers are thinking about caster products. The weight-bearing ability time is subject to the test data approved by the person or the rules. The load-bearing capacity of the caster is mainly affected by the structure and quality of the bracket. During the load-bearing test, attention should be paid to whether the caster product can resist shock and vibration.

In addition, the purchaser also needs to consider the material of the caster. If the caster is used in a special environment, then the specific practical situation should be considered separately. For example, if it is used in an environment with poor road conditions, the material of the caster can choose those that are impact-resistant, surface-resistant The material is relatively hard; if it is used in a chemical environment, you can choose those chemically inert materials, such as plastic or polyurethane casters. If you don’t understand different caster materials, you can consult relevant staff. Targeted initiatives and guidance will be provided to buyers.

In addition to the above, the driving sensitivity of caster products also needs to be considered. Generally speaking, the factors that affect the driving effect of casters are the structure of the bracket and the diameter of the caster. The larger the diameter of the caster, the more sensitive the driving will be, but we When purchasing industrial casters in practice, the larger the diameter of the caster is not the better, and the details also depend on the structure of the bracket, the type of the wheel, the bearing and so on. Therefore, it is recommended that buyers can understand some skills and precautions related to the purchase of caster products in advance.

At present, the industrial caster products on the market are generally made of imported reinforced nylon material or super polyurethane material. Because the industrial caster made of these materials will have better compression resistance, and can also improve the application effect of industrial casters, so If you are thinking about buying industrial casters recently, you can refer to the hot spots in the market, and then confirm the caster products after a comprehensive comparison.

It is suggested that everyone should give priority to cooperation with brands. Relatively speaking, the products they provide are more quality guaranteed. Some high-quality caster brands are still very trusted by manufacturers, and some have signed long-term cooperation with large enterprises or industrial manufacturers. For buyers, they can reduce a lot of trouble and trivialities by cooperating with trusted caster suppliers, and at the same time, the quality of casters will be more guaranteed.


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