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An introduction to the integrated design of heavy duty caster packaging


LPHY Is a manufacturer that produces and processes heavy-duty caster wheels, plastic casters, and other furniture

The integrated design of packaging is based on resource saving and economic benefits. Through the investigation of product packaging in the market, the collection of related materials, and the design of good packaging structures at home and abroad, it also requires the effective integration and optimization of people and things. This time, the packaging design of heavy-duty casters has become the research object, trying to summarize the theory and method of the design and creation of this subject.

Adhering to the concept of ecological design, carry out a people-oriented, scientific and reasonable comprehensive design for the packaging of manual hardware tools, and solve the problems of poor safety performance, large waste of resources, inconvenient use, and no differentiation in the current hardware tools. Sales, export trade and brand building play a very important role.

Under the concept of integrated design of industrial caster manufacturers, the manual hardware tool packaging that meets the needs of the development of the times is designed with reasonable principles and methods, the value-added space of the integrated manual hardware tool packaging is predicted, and its value-added factors are pointed out. Styling, convenient structure for working style, visual decoration for international sales. China's economy has maintained sound and rapid development since the reform and opening up. The real estate and construction industry play a vital role in it; at the same time, the development of the economy has led to the improvement of residents' lives, the consumption level has also been greatly improved, and people have begun to pursue a more elegant life enjoyment. These favorable conditions have promoted the The development of heavy-duty caster enterprises.


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