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Introduce you how to choose suitable casters for trolleys


Introduce you how to choose suitable casters for trolleys

Many friends have the experience of purchasing casters, but many people may not know that the choice of casters is also very knowledgeable. If the caster manufacturer purchases incorrectly, it will cause various problems, poor practicability, laborious use, and cannot be used for a long time; follow-up maintenance costs are high , it will be broken after a few uses, etc., which will reduce work efficiency and lose customers.

You may think that this is a problem with the casters themselves, and even resent Chinese manufacturing, but in fact it is not, it is more due to the choice of casters. As the saying goes, if the capacity of a small horse-drawn cart does not match, the casters will naturally have problems.

1. According to the approved load of the trolley, the load of this plastic flat trolley is less than 300 kg, so the single wheel of the caster can bear about 100 kg. It is recommended to use casters of 4 inches or more, because the larger the wheel, the easier it is to push.

2. According to the use of the trolley, if it is a floor paint workshop, an electronic workshop or a hotel and other places that require relatively quiet, it is recommended to use TPR or polyurethane and other casters with a quiet effect.

3. When the above two conditions are met, it is necessary to confirm whether the installation hole spacing of the caster is the same as that on the plastic flatbed. Because the installation hole distance of conventional medium-sized casters on the market is 74mm*45mm, and the installation hole distance of this plastic flatbed is generally 84mm*71mm. If the medium-duty casters do not find a suitable mounting hole spacing, they can also be replaced directly with heavy-duty casters, because the mounting hole spacing of heavy-duty casters is the same as that of this plastic flatbed truck, but the price of heavy-duty casters is higher than that of medium-duty casters. Some, but the quality is much better.

4. When installing this kind of trolley casters, it is recommended that 2 directional wheels are matched with 2 casters, and the casters should be installed on the side close to the handle. This installation method is better to control the direction of the trolley.


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