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Introduction of anti-static casters


Introduction of anti-static casters

Bracket features: double-bead plate structure, high-quality steel plate, corrosion-resistant blue zinc, 22-diameter insert rod, which can be directly inserted into the bamboo tube, which is convenient, fast and beautiful. Suitable for stainless steel wire mesh shelves, DIY combination shelves. Wheel Diameter: 75, 100, 125 Optional Bearings for Wheels: Flat Ball Bearings.

Applicable temperature range: -30℃+80℃ Tread hardness: 85 (±5) shore A Brake option: middle nylon double brake---brake wheel surface locks the bracket at the same time. The middle metal double brake, the brake wheel surface locks the bracket at the same time.

Wheel Material: Grey anti-static artificial rubber, Bearing: Double axle bracket, Style: Flat movable, Flat brake, Insert rod, Fixed, Installation height: 105/10/156, Turning radius: 71.5/82.5/95
Anti-static casters: The anti-static coefficient is 10 to the 6th power - 10 to the 9th power of ohm; suitable for computers, electronics factories, medical equipment factories, etc.

For example, in order not to affect the electrical conductivity of electronic products, some electronics factories need to install and use conductive wheels. In order to maintain the good performance of the machine, some factories need to install anti-static casters to absorb the discharged static electricity around, because the surface of any object Both are electrically conductive and both generate an electrostatic magnetic field. The smaller the coefficient of resistance, the greater the current flowing through the surface of the object, and the better the conductivity. On the contrary, the greater the resistance, the smaller the current flowing through the surface of the object, and the worse the conductivity. This caster produced by us has been verified countless times, and its performance is stable and can withstand the testing of any instrument. Please use it with confidence.

Anti-static casters are suitable for use in electronic equipment, semiconductor communications, military, medical, aerospace and other industries.


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