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Let's take a look at how to choose industrial casters


Let's take a look at how to choose industrial casters

When considering the purchase of caster products, we need to be able to consider the actual situation. Since we are choosing industrial casters, we must be able to choose based on this aspect when considering this type of product. Casters seem to be a common accessory.

However, using features should not be underestimated. The production design of industrial caster products must be able to meet the relevant requirements of the product.

Including appearance requirements, all parts of industrial casters qualified by industrial caster manufacturers should not have defects that affect the use.

This is also one of the issues that buyers need to pay attention to when considering purchasing industrial casters. Industrial casters are made of polyurethane casters and full iron. Caster wheels are more common, the latter are prone to oxidation, so effective methods are needed to prevent corrosion.

In addition, the matching of parts on the surface of the industrial caster must be very good, including the surface color of the parts should be uniform. This is also one of the important parameters to measure product quality. Various parts can meet the design requirements, such as wheels, brackets, etc.

During testing, it should be able to rotate flexibly without jamming and loosening, and the wheel assembly should be firm.

When purchasing industrial casters, most people consider the usage requirements of the combined equipment. Usually, directional wheels and universal wheels are purchased together.

Then, when considering caster products, we need to consider the performance of the brakes and the steering between the brackets. The size of the gap must be strictly controlled, and the main size design of casters and wheels must strictly meet the parameter design requirements.

Temperature requirements are also an important factor to consider.

If the casters used in harsh environments have great restrictions on the choice of materials, then the casters of general materials will not work. According to market feedback, the use of polyurethane casters may be limited by industrial caster manufacturers.

In addition to the above buying points, the quality of industrial casters needs to be evaluated by the caster braking force test, the horizontal force static pressure test and the steering braking force test.

In general, casters are required to have a larger load-bearing range. The caster brackets are also thicker. For example, 5 to 6 mm stamped, hot forged and welded double-row steel ball wheel frames are more suitable if the cargo is handled more frequently and the load is larger (each caster has a weight range of 150kg to 700kg).


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