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Medical casters are widely used in domestic medical


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For a long time, medical casters are products that each of us needs to use in our lives. Wherever we go, we need to have something. In China, it has attracted many customers.

Its existence value naturally brought great help. , Not only the shape of the wheels is good-looking, but also very durable. In the hospital, you will also see a lot of different styles and shapes of wheels that seem to attract more attention.

The history of medical casters is also difficult to trace, but after people invented the wheel, it became much easier to carry and move objects, but the wheel can only travel in a straight line, and it is still very difficult to change the wheel. Orientation when carrying important items. , their appearance has brought a revolution of the times to transportation, not only can be easily transported, but also can move in any direction, which greatly improves the efficiency.

In China, the medical wheel is very developed, and it is indispensable there. Only things in the right sense are considered good, and basically they are all good. The wheel in the hospital also involves many positions. Its function is also very beneficial and can be widely used, including chemical laboratories, and the physical aspects are related to medical treatment and have a direct relationship.

Technically, medical caster products include independent development, industry-university-research cooperation development, and introduction of technology to digest and innovate. Among them, independent development means that the product planning, product design, product test development, product testing and improvement, product trial and other aspects are completed with the enterprise as the main body; industry-university-research cooperation development refers to the enterprise as the main body, with scientific research institutes as the main body. It is the main technical support (the main participating units are no more than 2), and the technological development results are applied to the enterprise; the digestion and innovation of the technology introduction company means that the technology used in product development and design belongs to foreign technology.

After the company's introduction, on this basis, digest and absorb, and then innovate.

Medical casters are used by patients when they are working in hospitals. Their main technical functions are very powerful and can be used all the time. They are widely used in medicine.

The manufacturing technology is also very traditional, and it is unified in all aspects. It is one of the indispensable products in China. When you use it at any time, you will feel very comfortable.

Medical casters apply the relevant theories and methods of reliability engineering to calculate and observe the waiting value of the reliability index of medical equipment, so as to accurately evaluate the reliability and use reliability of some important medical equipment with quantitative concepts. The performance level has practical significance and value for the management, use and maintenance of modern medical equipment.


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