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Precautions for purchasing universal wheels


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Precautions for purchasing universal wheels

Universal casters (universal casters) are currently widely used mechanical parts in all walks of life, and have applications in industrial production, home life, market retail, express transportation, medical education and other fields. The application of universal casters (universal casters) greatly facilitates production and life, and greatly improves industrial production efficiency. In the production field of some special equipment, universal casters (swivel casters) are necessary parts.

In these enterprises, purchasing universal wheels is a very important job.

Since the universal caster (universal caster) is a caster with a movable function, its structural characteristics are destined to have a high failure rate in use. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the procurement of universal casters (universal casters) that meet the quality standards. Then, what are the aspects that need to be considered when purchasing swivel casters (swivel casters):

First, the selection of universal casters (universal casters) must consider the occasion of its use.

What kind of ground is to be driven on the swivel wheel (swivel caster), if the ground is smooth, then the swivel wheel (swivel caster) can choose a caster with flexible steering and enough roughness of the tread.

Second, if it is a bumpy road. It is necessary to consider that the universal wheel has sufficient bearing capacity, because it is very easy to have only 2-3 caster contact surfaces on the uneven road surface.

In addition, it is also necessary to choose a universal wheel (swivel caster) bracket that is welded with a steel plate of sufficient thickness.

Third, if the caster is used in some hospitals, the sound condition of the caster in contact with the ground needs to be considered, and the purchased caster must produce a lot of noise.

Under normal circumstances, there is no perfect solution for the purchase and selection of swivel casters (universal casters). Only casters with a more reasonable compromise should be selected, which also depends on the psychological requirements of customers.


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