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Problems with medical machinery casters


Problems with medical machinery casters

To choose the right casters for medical equipment, there is no doubt that medical equipment casters can be used as an option. The main difference between medical casters and non-medical casters is that they can be applied to common cleaning and disinfecting agents, safer, higher reliability, lower turning and rotating resistance, and so on.

Different subdivisions may also have their own special standards, but this does not mean that other types of casters cannot be used in medical devices. In fact, the manufacturer's own classification is not relative, and the boundaries between medical and non-medical are not black. That is to say, sometimes it is just a matter of doing / not doing certification, and the classification will be adjusted at any time.

Selection criteria for casters for medical devices:

1. Power load: We strongly recommend that the single wheel load design standard of your caster is the sum of the total load of mobile equipment and equipment: 1/3.

2. Caster and tire material. The single-wheel structure is flexible, and the starting force and rotational force are small, but a two-wheel design with high bearing capacity and high stability should be selected.

3. Generally speaking, larger diameter casters are easier to roll and control than smaller ones. Soft treads are used on hard ground, while hard treads are used on soft ground or carpet wheels.

4. The rotating structure of the caster bracket has a great influence on the use of the equipment.

Generally speaking, the rotating bearing structure of ball bearing is flexible and noiseless, and is suitable for low load, frequently moving equipment. Compared with single ballast, the double rotating structure has good stability and is suitable for small mobile medical equipment.

5. The environment of the casters is also a key factor to consider.

Most casters come with steel brackets. Galvanized or chrome plated to prevent rust. Castable or plastic covered casters are a good option in corrosive environments.

Designers often make a balance between safety, clinical requirements, practical use and price. As long as relevant standards and requirements are met, non-medical casters can also be used on medical devices.

The choice of casters should also consider the use environment. Generally, the use environment of medical equipment is not as bad as the industry, because the hospital itself has certain requirements on temperature, humidity, cleanliness, etc.

Scope of application: medical trolleys, medical casters, medical machinery accessories, medical turnover carts, tool cabinets, ball tables, air boxes, etc.


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