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Selection and Characteristics of Rubber Wheels


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Selection and Characteristics of Rubber Wheels

When you need to buy rubber wheels, pay attention to the following points:

1. The weight that the wheel needs to bear, the purchased wheel should be larger than this weight to increase the service life of the wheel;

2. The use site of the wheel, the smooth wheel with light glue, the uneven wheel with wire glue, the grooved iron core;

3. Choose light rubber wheels for light-bearing wheels, and wire rubber wheels for heavy-bearing ones; those with grooved iron cores are required;

4. The quality of the wheel should be flexible and rigid, otherwise it is easy to lose glue and degumming, and it is cheap to buy and expensive to use. The load bearing must be slotted iron core and wire glue, so as to make the service life long and cheap to use. No matter what type of wheel does not have elasticity and hardness, the quality will not be good.

Basic characteristics of rubber wheels

1. When a rubber product is formed, it is pressed by a large pressure, which cannot be eliminated due to the cohesive force prepared by the elastomer. When it is formed and released from the mold, it often produces extremely unstable shrinkage (the shrinkage rate of rubber varies with different types of rubber). ), it takes a period of time to stabilize. Therefore, at the beginning of the design of a rubber product, regardless of the formula or the mold, it is necessary to carefully calculate the coordination. If not, it is easy to produce unstable product dimensions, resulting in low product quality.

2. Rubber is a hot-melt thermosetting elastomer, while plastic is hot-melting and cold-setting.

Due to the different types of sulfides, the temperature range for molding and curing of rubber is also quite different, and it may even be affected by climate change and indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production conditions of rubber products need to be adjusted appropriately at any time. If not, there may be differences in product quality.


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