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The selection of medical device casters should also consider the use environment


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The selection of medical device casters should also consider the use environment

The choice of medical device casters should also consider the use environment. Since the hospital itself has certain requirements on temperature, humidity, cleanliness, etc., the use environment of general medical equipment is not worse than the industry. But once it is expected to work in a special environment such as high temperature, high humidity, or low temperature, it is necessary to select the appropriate caster according to the caster manufacturer's manual.

To choose the right casters for medical equipment, medical casters are undoubtedly the way to go. The difference between medical casters and non-medical casters is mainly applicable to common cleaning and disinfecting agents, which are safer, more reliable, and have lower rotation and rotation resistance. Different subdivisions may also have their own special standards. Medical casters will No longer applicable Details here. But that doesn't mean other types of casters can't be used on medical equipment.

In fact, the classification of caster manufacturers is not relative, the line between medical and non-medical is not black and white, sometimes just completed/unfinished is only certified, the classification can be adjusted at any time. Designers often strike a balance between safety, clinical requirements, practical use, and price. Non-medical casters can also be used for medical equipment as long as the relevant standards and requirements are met.

Medical casters are composed of shock absorbers, plane bearings, movable rods, universal brackets, nylon shafts, rubber wheels, etc. The structure is complete and the material quality is high. Meets durability and durability requirements.

The shock absorbers are made of special materials and combined with other components for low-noise universal rotation.

The noise of medical casters is taboo. Noise can cause trouble for patients, affect the patient's rest, and even affect the treatment of diseases.


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