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The clever use of casters makes it easy to change the layout of the home


In recent years, it has been found that more and more furniture has begun to install casters. After visiting the furniture city, you will find that similar furniture with the same material and quality (with casters) is on average two to three hundred yuan more expensive than the furniture without casters, Such as computer desks, chairs and bookshelves. This also shows that the application of casters has made many furniture more popular, and why this is said can take a look at the following examples.

After installing casters, the movable storage cabinet can be placed in any corner of the room at will, and the position can be changed according to people's needs.

The storage box with casters is more flexible. It can not only store the items in different categories, but also stack the boxes from top to bottom according to the usage rate in order to save space. It is light to use and more conducive to cleaning. It can be seen that it is easier to change the layout of the home after the casters are used skillfully.

The industrial caster manufacturer also reminds everyone that the casters should be used skillfully according to the actual situation of the application site. Since the wheels are in direct contact with the ground, if they are not selected properly, the service life of the casters will be greatly shortened and the ground may be damaged.

If you have wood floors in your home, it is recommended to use rubber, polyurethane wheels with good elasticity to protect the wood floors. Plastic wheels have poor wear resistance and elasticity, but they are cheap. They are suitable for light furniture and ordinary ground turns. The casters usually have buckles. After the furniture is moved to a suitable position, the buckles can be pulled to fix the casters. , thus preventing the furniture from moving on its own.


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