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The difference between movable wheels and fixed wheels


The difference between movable wheels and fixed wheels

Casters are divided into two categories: fixed casters and swivel casters, but we occasionally hear people talking about movable casters, so what kind of movable casters are, and what is the difference between movable casters and fixed casters? Next, our LPHY caster factory will discuss with you:

1. The difference between flexible turning

Active casters: It can turn flexibly in the plane. It is worth noting that the turning radius with brakes is different, and the turning radius of side brakes and double brakes are also different.

Fixed casters: only forward and backward.

2. The difference between the stability of linear motion

Movable casters: When walking quickly, it is easy to deviate in direction, which in turn leads to unsmooth linear motion, which is difficult to control.

Fixed casters: It can walk quickly, and it is not easy to deviate in direction, because the left and right directions are locked, and you can only move forward or backward.

3. Differences in road surface smoothness requirements

Activity casters: suitable for flat roads, usually used in indoor situations.

Fixed casters: can adapt to a certain degree of uneven road surface, can be used outdoors.

4. The difference in cost

Mobile casters: The same type of mobile casters tend to cost more than fixed casters because of their more complex design and more functions.

Fixed casters: Relatively cheap, if there are no special requirements, choose fixed casters, but usually movable casters will be used in conjunction with fixed casters.


In short, movable casters and fixed casters are different. The above four points are their common differences, but it does not say which type of casters is better. In many cases, they all need to be used together.

For casters, there are usually its classifications, so how are they classified? It can be divided into two categories, namely universal wheels and directional wheels. the power of the person to be able to turn. And the movable casters that everyone occasionally talks about are actually swivel casters. Therefore, when you look at the caster bracket, you will see types such as flat casters, lead screw casters, and plug-in casters, which are actually universal casters.

Screw movable casters

Since there are many objects in the transfer, they usually face the appearance of turning, and at this time, it is necessary to have a universal caster to complete, otherwise as long as the moving object moves forward in a straight line, because the universal wheel There is a steering setting, so when purchasing, the price is relatively higher, so when using, you can not only use this caster.

Flat swivel casters

All the universal wheels and fixed wheels are used in cooperation, and finally achieve a good cooperation. Because under normal circumstances, they are also composed of four casters, so two universal wheels and two fixed wheels can be used for cooperation. , so it can form a very good application, not only can move forward, but also can form turning.

Swivel Brake Casters

In short, movable casters are swivel casters. The difference from fixed casters is that movable casters can turn flexibly, while fixed casters can only move forward and backward, and cannot turn 360 degrees. Therefore, when you use casters, you need to match them properly.


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