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The difference between rubber casters and PVC casters


The difference between rubber casters and PVC casters

1. Different ingredients

1. Rubber caster material: Natural rubber is made of latex, and part of the non-rubber components contained in the latex remain in the solid natural rubber. Generally, natural rubber contains 92%-95% of rubber hydrocarbons, while non-rubber hydrocarbons account for 5%-8%. Due to different production methods, different production areas and even different rubber picking seasons, the proportions of these components may be different, but they are basically within the range.

2. PVC caster material: polyvinyl chloride, referred to as PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) in English, is an initiator of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) in peroxides, azo compounds and other initiators; or under the action of light and heat Polymers that are polymerized by the mechanism of free radical polymerization. Vinyl chloride homopolymers and vinyl chloride copolymers are collectively referred to as vinyl chloride resins.

2. Different uses

1. Rubber caster material: not only provide people with daily, medical and other industrial rubber products that are indispensable in daily life, but also provide heavy industry and emerging industries such as mining, transportation, construction, machinery and equipment, electronic equipment, medical equipment, and semiconductor products. All kinds of convenience.

It can be seen that there are many kinds of products in the rubber caster industry, and the backward products are also very broad.

2. PVC caster material: PVC was once the general industrial plastic with the largest output in the world and was widely used. It is used in construction equipment, industrial equipment, daily necessities, wire mesh shelves, various flatbed carts, etc.


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