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The importance of silent casters in the medical industry and their applications in other industries


In medical equipment, silent casters have also become common components. In my opinion, although the medical caster is small, its role is very important and it is related to the safety of the patient.

In medical equipment, caster assemblies include universal brackets, wheels, and brake assemblies.

The universal bracket includes the left wheel housing and the right wheel housing, which are stamped and manufactured from steel plates, which greatly improves the overall appearance and bearing capacity. The sealing area is large, and it is not easy to roll into a gauze cotton ball like this foreign body, which is healthier, more beautiful, more environmentally friendly and durable. Take the stainless steel cart, for example.

Casters are a common tool in medical environments. They are usually equipped with casters to ensure a quiet and comfortable environment when walking. Medical carts can not only help medical staff transport medical equipment, medicines and other items, but also help patients carry out nursing work in a timely manner, providing great convenience for medical staff and patients.

In general, the use of casters brings great convenience to the medical industry, which is why casters are very popular in hospitals and clinics.

While silent casters are popular in the medical industry. But in an industrial setting, this is not the case.

This is due to the large friction coefficient of the caster and the large contact area between the surface of the caster and the ground, and it is easy to generate a large thrust under high load conditions. In other words, the capacity of casters is very limited.

To sum up, customers should buy casters according to their own needs, instead of blindly thinking that silent casters are perfect, especially in the industrial industry, silent casters should be selected carefully.


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