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Clever application of furniture light casters in daily life


Clever application of furniture light casters in daily life

Nowadays, most of the furniture with casters are used in office situations, but if used properly, you can also enjoy the convenience and fun of free movement at home. Especially in the small room space, the furniture universal casters play a greater role. The following are three application solutions.

1. Lightweight universal caster bookcase flexibly divides space

Most of the traditional bookcases are large and heavy, and it may change the pattern of the whole home if you need to move the place once.

And now it is much easier to choose the bookcases that can be seen in the market. Not only many businesses divide the bookcases into narrow strips, but people can choose single or multiple small bookcases to put together according to the size of their home, and there are even smaller ones with small universal wheels. Bookcases and shelves allow the library space to be moved and assembled freely. However, experts remind that light-duty casters generally have a limited load-bearing capacity. If it is a large bookcase, please do not install light-duty casters. You can consider medium-duty casters or heavy-duty casters.

2. Free transposition of storage space

Generally speaking, the area of ​​the master bedroom is relatively spacious, and a large set of cabinets can be put down, while for the guest bedroom in a small apartment, the area is slightly cramped.

If there is a storage space in the guest bedroom, a locker with light casters or a storage box is a good choice. Movable lockers can be placed anywhere in the room, changing positions according to people's needs. The storage box with light casters is more flexible. It can not only store the items in different categories, but also stack the boxes from top to bottom according to the usage rate in order to save space. It is light to use and more conducive to cleaning.

3. Tables and chairs are easy to move

The increasingly popular side tables are gaining popularity due to their small size and versatility, and two rectangular side tables with light casters put together are just the right size for a dining table. Tables and chairs with casters can reduce people's requirements for the area of ​​the dining area. When two side tables are not usually used, they can be placed on both sides of the sofa respectively, and they can be put together when eating. With the addition of a chair with casters, the process of carrying is no longer strenuous.

The application of light casters has brought great convenience to furniture life, and the use of small universal wheels to ingeniously change the pattern also brings aura to the entire furniture life. When decorating furniture, you may wish to choose furniture products with casters.

Light weight is recommended for furniture: gold drill casters, screw light casters, light industrial rubber wheels, etc.


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