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The special design of the universal wheel brings a lot of convenience to life


The special design of the universal wheel brings a lot of convenience to life

There is such a 70-year-old old man, Liu, who felt many inconveniences in his life because he took care of his wife who was incapacitated for a long time, so he developed a stair-climbing wheelchair that combines manual and electric power.

We understand that this stair-climbing wheelchair is not significantly different from the products on the market, but there is an additional "chassis" between the seat and the rollers, and each of the front, rear, left, and right "feet" has a large wheel with one Ferry. The point is that Lao Liu discovered the drawbacks of the products on the market. He tailored a special universal wheel for the wheelchair. This special wheel can move forward when it revolves, and can turn by itself, which is very convenient.

And he is still on top of the "chassis", with batteries and DC motors on it, so that the front end of the "chassis" becomes a transmission device made of steel, nylon, wire rope, chain and other common materials spliced ​​together.

This design makes it easier and labor-saving to climb stairs with a wheelchair. The experiencer introduced that this stair-climbing wheelchair can carry a load of more than 150 pounds. During the whole stair-climbing process, except for a little push on the ladder, other steps are basically effortless, and it takes about 4 seconds for each step to go up.

Moreover, in a dimly lit environment, it does not affect the use, and even if the battery runs out, you can continue to operate manually.

At present, the stair climbing wheelchairs on the market include four-wheel drive models and crawler types. They are either large in size, inconvenient to turn and carry, or simply not suitable for people with weak upper limbs, and the prices are generally high. Although Lao Liu's invention has not been officially put into production, it is already applying for a national patent.

Lao Liu said that once it is produced, he will sell it to ordinary citizens who need Z at a preferential price.

A stair-climbing wheelchair can benefit more people just by changing the design of the universal wheel. We are very inspired by Lao Liu's innovative spirit. We know that customers are inconvenient to generate demand, and demand achieves the market, so we need to be more aware of their inconvenience from the perspective of customers, and this is multi-faceted, product design, product price, product suitable for people, etc., all need Focus on.


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