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Three ideal reclaimed rubber materials for producing rubber casters


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Rubber caster is a kind of circular elastic rubber wheel product that is grounded and rolled with rubber as the main material, which is installed in various trolleys, children's cars, dining cars, workshop trucks, mobile scaffolding and other occasions. The reclaimed rubber is recycled as waste rubber products. The reprocessed rubber material can replace natural rubber and isoprene rubber in the production of rubber casters to reduce production costs; then which products of reclaimed rubber can be used in the production of rubber rubber wheels?

1. Tire reclaimed rubber: Tire reclaimed rubber is processed from waste tire rubber powder. The tire reclaimed rubber processed from tire tread rubber powder as raw material has high rubber content, small specific gravity, high tensile strength and plasticity. Well, all or part of the replacement of natural rubber to produce rubber casters can not only significantly reduce the cost of raw materials, but also improve the anti-aging performance, tear strength and wear resistance of the casters; tire reclaimed rubber is a black blocky solid, which is generally used to produce black Rubber casters.

Rubber casters on the market have different colors for different occasions. In addition to black rubber casters, which reclaimed rubber are used for those light-colored and colored rubber casters?

2. Isoprene reclaimed rubber: The most common types of rubber caster tires are black casters and gray casters. The isoprene reclaimed rubber in reclaimed rubber products is processed from isoprene unvulcanized rubber or PP rubber bottle caps and stoppers as the main raw materials. It is a kind of reclaimed rubber between natural rubber and synthetic rubber. , In addition to the high elasticity and high elongation of natural rubber, it also has the excellent anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance of synthetic rubber, good viscosity, and high tear strength. Produce gray or gray rubber casters to reduce raw material costs.

3. Latex reclaimed rubber: Now people's spiritual needs are getting higher and higher, and people's demand for small products such as rubber casters is not simply staying between black and gray, and more rubber casters appear "colorful"; The reclaimed rubbers include latex reclaimed rubber, nitrile reclaimed rubber, butyl reclaimed rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber. Among them, hb white latex reclaimed rubber is made of natural rubber waste rubber cups, rubber threads, waste rubber materials and waste latex gloves. , Waste latex condoms are processed as the main raw material. The product has high effective rubber hydrocarbon content, good elasticity, small specific gravity, high tensile strength, and high elongation at break. The main thing is light color and easy color matching, so it can be replaced Natural rubber produces all kinds of light-colored and colored rubber casters, which significantly reduces the cost of raw materials.

The rubber used for rubber casters mainly includes natural rubber, nitrile rubber, silicone fluorine rubber, neoprene rubber, butyl rubber, silicone rubber, EPDM rubber, fluorine rubber, hydrogenated nitrile, among which nitrile rubber, butyl Rubber and EPDM rubber can also be mixed with a suitable proportion of nitrile reclaimed rubber, butyl reclaimed rubber and EPDM reclaimed rubber in the production of rubber casters. The specific dosage is subject to the actual situation.


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