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We should distinguish the quality of caster manufacturers from these aspects


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Many customers go to other caster manufacturers to compare prices and choose a lower price after receiving a quote for our caster products. For the same caster, each caster manufacturer has different materials and different prices. Low and high, low and bottom, high and high are For a reason, can't compare.

Now the Internet is very developed. Check online to understand the approximate price of the product. Whether it is a new entrant or an old connoisseur, the price positioning of the caster must be very clear. The caster manufacturer does not dare to quote too high a price to the customer. The report is too high, the order cannot be accepted, the price is too low, and the customer suspects that there is a problem with the quality of your casters.

How to distinguish the quality of casters:

1. From the appearance of the caster bracket, the surface of the caster steel bracket should be clean and beautiful, and the thickness should be uniform. to ensure the bearing quality.

2. Galvanized caster bracket: In order to prevent rust, the bracket is generally galvanized. Make sure the galvanized caster brackets are even and shiny.

3. Welding of caster brackets: The welding of steel plates should be smooth, There shall be no leakage or gas leakage from the weld seam.

4. Common caster size.

5. Check the appearance of the wheels. Smooth surface, no damage, uniform color, no obvious color difference.

6. Check the whole of the roof Effect. Ensure that the universal wheel rotates, all balls rotate, the contact force of the board surface is uniform, the rotation is flexible, and there is no obvious pause.

7. Check the quality of caster bearings.

There should be no noticeable jumps when the wheel spins.

Buy Wanxiang When turning the wheel, various special surface conditions such as bumps, depressions, thresholds, and thin people are required. The larger and softer the swivel wheel is, the easier it is to drive on the ground, such as a track.

Soft casters also protect the ground from damage. Rubber wheels, especially those made of highly elastic rubber Wheels, make no noise and provide good ground protection, while carbon steel wheels are stiff. Generally speaking, casters are a compromise, with moderate ground protection and a heavier weight.

The appearance of casters has brought great convenience to people's lives. Big Everyone knows that wheels can reduce the weight of people's luggage and make it easier to carry and take out, but ordinary wheels can only move back and forth. And now, various caster features completely solve this problem.

The movable caster, also called the universal wheel, has the A structure that rotates 360 degrees. Fixed casters, also called directional casters, have no rotating structure and cannot be rotated. Often, two types of casters are used in combination.

For example, in a trolley structure, close to the push armrest, there are two directional wheels in the front and two ten thousand wheels in the rear. to the wheel.


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