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What are the advantages of medical casters widely used in the medical industry


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With the wide application of medical casters in clinical life nursing, the nursing problems of head, feet and other body positions have been placed in the first place of nursing problems. The labor intensity of nursing work continues to increase, and the patient's condition is different, making it difficult to carry out clinical life nursing. Because it requires a lot of cleaning equipment and auxiliary items.

It is very inconvenient to carry. It will also cause environmental pollution in the ward to a certain extent, increasing the possibility of cross-infection. Based on our clinical care experience, the Life Medical Caster is a swivel structure designed to clean the face and head.

In order to simplify the number of clinical medical casters, shampoo, face, foot, oral care, perineal care, etc. in clinical life care are combined into one, which is simplified into one car with multiple uses. Methods: Through the accumulation of long-term clinical nursing work experience, combined with clinical practice, comprehensive application and repeated practice, a multifunctional life nursing treatment vehicle was developed. Result: The multifunctional life nursing treatment vehicle developed was beautiful in appearance, small in size and flexible in operation.

It can be used clinically according to different therapeutic functions.

Medical casters are specially designed for the characteristics of easy operation, flexible steering, high elasticity, ultra-quiet, wear-resistant, anti-winding, chemical resistance, etc., to meet the requirements of hospitals.

Medical casters are mainly divided into light-duty casters (chrome-plated bracket cylindrical plug neoprene wheel, chrome-plated bracket hollow rivet neoprene wheel), metal bracket casters (screw type, hollow rivet type), STO type all-plastic bracket casters (movable/fixed type, screw stainless steel type, screw type, plunger type), CPT medical double wheel casters (economic screw type, movable/fixed type, screw type, plunger type) and central control casters and medical double brake casters can fully meet various Medical environment requirements.

With its unique appearance, high-quality materials and excellent processing quality, medical casters are widely used in the fields of instruments, professional medical equipment and hospitals. Accurate rolling rotation, quiet running performance and outstanding hygienic characteristics have created medical casters, which have won the favor of the majority of users.


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