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What are the assembly steps of industrial caster manufacturers?


As we all know, industrial casters have been widely used in daily life. When purchasing industrial casters, you should know how to assemble them correctly, because improper assembly of industrial casters will have a large negative impact on the service life of the casters. Therefore, the casters must be assembled correctly.

So, what are the assembly steps for industrial casters?

Step 1: When assembling casters, different brackets should be selected for wheel bodies of different materials, which are generally installed on fixed brackets. Just as importantly, the connection between the industrial caster and the equipment must be durable and the assembly of the caster must be fast and safe enough. In addition, a suitable caster arrangement must be used to match the stand.

Step 2: After the caster is assembled and installed, the function of the caster cannot be changed, and the caster must have sufficient supporting strength. If the axis of rotation of the caster is always vertical, the fixed caster must be in line between the axle wheels. If fixed casters and swivel casters can be used together, then all casters must be compatible and must be discussed before use.

Step 3: The specified product must be fixed. After the casters are installed, be sure to pay attention to the surrounding environment and maintain the casters. Generally speaking, the temperature of the caster should be the room temperature of the human body.

It should be noted that if the caster is used in outdoor, coastal, corrosive and other environments, the use effect of the caster will be poor, especially when the temperature is not suitable, the bearing capacity will also be affected. The impact is huge, so you should read the instructions in detail. This complete caster assembly is complete.


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