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What are the product features of medical casters


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With the gradual subdivision of caster products, medical caster products have also become one of the independent and important branches of caster products. Medical casters are professional casters used for transportation operations in the medical industry. Medical casters are in the industry. It has universal applicability and applicability, so many buyers will think about purchasing large-scale caster products. Usually, the market demand for medical casters is large, so what kind of medical casters can be called high-quality caster products?

Before we think about purchasing medical casters, we should have a complete understanding of the basic information about the product, so that we can be more handy when choosing the corresponding product. In order to meet the requirements of the medical industry, the medical caster is cumbersome and has flexible steering. Generally, casters made of stainless steel or pu materials are used. Regarding the product characteristics of medical casters, the summary is mainly as follows:

Lightweight and flexible operation: Medical casters are mainly used in combination with some medical equipment and emergency beds, so the flexibility requirements of products are also the top priority. Good medical casters will not show retention or flexibility when used. The problem of sexual resistance is also a major key to our selection of caster products. It is recommended that buyers can test the flexibility and mobility of casters before purchasing caster products to see if they can meet their requirements. Generally speaking, casters used in combination with medical casters and emergency beds will use universal casters. If they are used to store medicines, they will be used in combination with directional casters and universal casters. The detailed caster product combination should be considered according to the actual situation.

Special ultra-quiet: The medical industry pays more attention to the ultra-quiet treatment of equipment use, so medical casters should reduce noise as much as possible during the use of medical casters. Casters with special ultra-quiet treatment are now more popular in the market, and such casters are running It can reduce the friction with the air, and there will be no noise, which can create a quiet environment, which is in line with the hospital's request for the quiet use of caster products.

Chemical corrosion resistance: There will be requirements for chemical reagent storage in local medical environments. If it is used in a certain chemical environment, then casters that can resist chemical corrosion should be used. For example, light casters with chrome-plated brackets and round rod casters are sold Very good medical casters, its load-bearing capacity can reach 80 kg, and the bracket is chrome-plated to avoid rusting, and can be used in a certain chemical environment, and this product is an environmentally friendly product, with fine ball bearings, steering is sensitive, It is bulky and can fully meet the requirements of the medical industry for caster products.

Anti-winding: Medical casters should have the characteristics of anti-winding. Since medical casters are also one of the products used in high frequency, its anti-winding is very important. Since many combined caster equipment needs to be used for a long time, if it appears to be entangled with other equipment phenomenon will be more troublesome.


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