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What are the characteristics of stainless steel casters from industrial caster manufacturers


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Stainless steel casters are widely used in many industries. Compared with other things, they have special characteristics and are suitable for a wide range of applications. There is a great demand for such products in the market. In recent years, the development has also become more and more The faster it is, it can also be used for transportation operations, including the use of some combined equipment. The seemingly simple and ordinary products are actually not ordinary. In the current industrial field, other industries have a good response, and many places are not lacking in applications.

Many things are relatively common, and they are required to be used in the industry during the use of wheels in hospitals, supermarkets, hotels, etc. The market demand will further promote the development of products, and now there are many sizes of stainless steel casters, which can be suitable for different industries. The design of the details of the current product is also perfect, and it can support the structure of the appearance. Although the structure seems simple, it has a great effect. It can improve the durability of the product, and the service life will be further improved. Good Stainless steel casters will be matched with high-quality metal brackets, and the operation on the surface can greatly extend the service life and reduce the wear of the product.

The stainless steel casters of industrial caster manufacturers are made of 304 stainless steel plate for the base parts of the caster bracket legs, bomb covers, bottom plates, etc., which have good corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and are suitable for caster brackets in highly corrosive environments. Use and operation, the load is relative. Because of the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, there will be no rust and other pollutants, and the steel balls, bolts, nuts, gaskets on the casters, and the brake levers and brake pads on the brake series are all made of stainless steel, which is very suitable for use in Processing, storage and transportation of food. Moreover, because 304 stainless steel has the characteristics of good processing performance and high toughness, the processed casters have excellent performance, and the appearance is also smooth and beautiful.

All stainless steel bracket rotating top plate double steel ball track and unique anti-steel wrist arc design, more heavy-duty and flexible rotation. Corrosion resistance, resistance to chemicals, acids, water and steam, etc., are widely used in food processing sites, aquatic plants and chemical-related facilities using various pharmaceuticals.

The high-tech polyurethane rubber strip is injected into the reinforced polyolefin wheel core by mechanical locking. It has high elasticity, high wear resistance, grease resistance, and temperature resistance between -43 °C and 85 °C. It is equipped with high-quality precision double bearings and is beautiful. And it has low noise when pushing, protects the ground, and has strong oil resistance, which is suitable for long-distance or frequently moving equipment.


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