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What are the common machine equipment casters


What are the common machine equipment casters

Today in the industrial age, machinery and equipment are everywhere, and our food, clothing, housing and transportation are inseparable from machinery and equipment. Common machines and equipment mainly include packaging machines, boxing machines, conveying machines, food machines, kitchen equipment, threshers, construction machines, glass machines, etc.

Because moving a bulky machine is not a simple matter, and sometimes it is difficult for a few big men to move a piece of equipment, more and more machines will install casters at the bottom to facilitate the movement of machines and equipment during use.

According to the sales data of the caster industry, the commonly used mechanical equipment casters are as follows:

1. Micro-machines and equipment with the whole machine under 100 kg mainly use light pp casters, light rubber casters, and gold drill casters.

2. The whole machine mainly uses gold drill casters and medium nylon casters for small machines and equipment ranging from 100 kg to 500 kg.

3. The whole machine mainly uses heavy-duty nylon casters and heavy-duty casters with a low center of gravity for medium-sized machinery and equipment ranging from 500 kg to 1000 kg.

4. The casters of heavy machinery and equipment with the whole machine weighing more than 1000 kg need to use super heavy iron core polyurethane casters or super heavy full iron wheels.

The use of casters for machinery and equipment should be determined according to the actual use scenario and the calculation of finished products, because the same equipment can have a variety of casters to meet the use requirements.


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