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What are the functions and characteristics of industrial medium-sized casters


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When it comes to industrial medium-sized casters, I don’t know if you are familiar with this term or not, and don’t know about this kind of machinery. Generally speaking, those who are not engaged in the industrial industry should not be familiar with these instruments. Today, we will discuss Come and learn about this machine. First of all, let's take a look at what is a medium caster. Medium-sized casters are mainly divided into directional medium-sized casters and universal medium-sized casters.

The difference between them is that the directional medium-duty casters cannot rotate, while the swivel medium-duty casters can rotate 360 ​​degrees. And if it is classified according to the use industry, medium-sized casters can be divided into medical medium-sized casters, supermarket medium-sized casters, household medium-sized casters and other categories. The industrial medium-sized caster is also one of them. It is used in factories or mechanical equipment. Its wheel parts are made of high-grade materials, which make the whole product have great impact resistance and strength. It is a good product.

The characteristics of industrial medium-sized casters are that they can carry a lot of heavy items for short-distance transportation, and medium-sized casters of different materials and bearing capacities can be selected according to the needs of users. There are also two different bearings to choose from, which is very convenient and easy to use. When choosing this product, the most important thing is to look at its flexibility, bearing capacity, temperature limit and other properties. If there is anything unclear or not understood, you can check online at any time, I believe there is always a product that is suitable for you!

First of all, rubber medium-sized casters are used more frequently. Due to the special material of rubber, they are elastic, have good skid resistance, and have a relatively high friction coefficient with the ground, so they can move stably and safely when transporting goods. , so it is widely used indoors and outdoors.

Secondly, the artificial rubber medium-sized caster is made of special plastic material due to the low cost of artificial rubber. It inherits the elasticity of the rubber medium-sized caster. At the same time, it can be used normally in extreme conditions such as water resistance, strong cold resistance, and high temperature resistance, so it is also A medium-sized caster that is widely used and has high industry prospects.

Then, polyurethane medium-sized casters are mostly used in environmental protection and dust-free industries because of their excellent wear resistance and sewage resistance. .


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