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Where are nylon wheels generally used?


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Where are nylon wheels generally used?

Nylon, the full name we call polyamide fiber, the industry term we call it"PA". It generally has a good mute effect, so nylon wheels are used more in quiet places such as laboratories and hospitals; and the material of nylon is relatively wear-resistant, so the use cycle of nylon wheels can reach a relatively long time. ;It can also be more resistant to high temperature, so nylon wheels can be used in kitchens and greenhouses; another is, its chemical resistance is also not good in other plastic materials, so nylon wheels are used in chemical rooms such as places where it is used more.

After talking about the material and characteristics of nylon and its application fields, let's talk about the specific products that nylon wheels can be used with.

Generally, there are two types of nylon wheels on the market: smooth and patterned. Like the flatbed and rubber trolleys in the trolley, nylon wheels with patterns are generally used, because this can prevent the trolley from slipping when it is loaded with goods; but it needs to be used in the hospital. Use a smooth nylon wheel, because the sound of the smooth nylon wheel and the ground friction when pushed is smaller than that of the patterned one, and the smooth nylon wheel will be smoother when pushed, so the smooth nylon wheel is more suitable. Use in a quiet environment like a hospital. The nylon wheels used in trolleys are generally one or two swivel casters (swivel casters) with two directional wheels, or two swivel casters with brakes with two swivel wheels.


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