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What are conductive casters, the characteristics of conductive casters


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What are conductive casters, the characteristics of conductive casters

Conductive wheels are generally suitable for eliminating static electricity in factory work areas and are silent. For example: electronics factories, some military enterprises, etc. Compared with other caster manufacturers, our advantage is that it has strong electrical conductivity. Other manufacturers generally use 10 to the 6th power, while ours can reach 10 to the 3rd power, and the trial period is long. Even if the wheel is worn out, it can still be used. Continue to conduct electricity.

In order not to affect the electrical conductivity of electronic products, some electronics factories need to install and use conductive wheels. In order to maintain the good performance of the machine, some factories need to install anti-static casters to absorb the discharged static electricity around, because the surface of any object Both are electrically conductive and both generate an electrostatic magnetic field. The smaller the coefficient of resistance, the greater the current flowing through the surface of the object, and the better the conductivity. On the contrary, the greater the resistance, the smaller the current flowing through the surface of the object, and the worse the conductivity. The conductive casters we produce have been tested countless times, with stable performance, can withstand the testing of any instrument, and also have a high cost performance.

1. Advantages of conductive wheel:

1. It effectively solves the problem of not leaving imprints on the ground and keeps the ground clean and tidy.
2. It pushes lightly, shock absorption runs smoothly, and noise is reduced.

3. It absorbs the surrounding static electricity and effectively maintains the health of workers.

4. The casters do not contain lead, which is harmful to the human body.

5. Do not use in acid and alkali corrosive environment, do not contact with oil stains, these will affect the conductivity of casters.

2. Product Features:
1. No blackening and no pollution to the floor.

2. The wheels are mute and do not affect the work
3. Conductive, surface resistance, stable resistance, not affected by environmental humidity, not adding antistatic agent, will not lose resistance because the wheel moves many times. After many improvements and rolling work, it can maintain stable resistance.
4. Soft rubber design, sliding without leaving marks
5. Bracket features: double-bead heat treatment, high-quality steel plate, high-grade rivets, durable.

6. Exquisite product design and reasonable price

The conductive casters currently sold are made of several materials such as rubber and super artificial rubber.


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