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What kind of equipment does the caster manufacturer's light casters use?


Casters belong to the category of general hardware accessories. As the industry continues to evolve, more and more devices need to be moved. Casters have become an indispensable component to improve functions and utilization, such as factory rotating vehicles and logistics vehicles, various tool vehicles, computer equipment, medical equipment, ship terminal loading and unloading equipment, etc.

Individually, the carrying capacity of light casters is 30-200 kg. The bracket is punched from a 2-4mm thick steel plate at a time, which is suitable for long-distance transportation.

Light duty casters can be threaded, flat, swivel or directional.

Therefore, light casters mainly include spiral motion, flat fixed, flat motion and other series. Wheels are available in a variety of materials, including rubber, nylon, and urethane wheels. Has excellent wear resistance and sound insulation.

, Corrosion resistance, impact resistance, flexible rotation, correct trajectory, strong bearing capacity, fashionable style, strong applicability and other properties.

Caster Manufacturer's Lightweight Casters feature premium iron core coated polyurethane wheels with excellent toughness, elasticity and wear resistance. The anti-vibration springs on the lightweight casters are fully sealed and provide extreme dust and tangle resistance to suit different options and requirements.

Lightweight casters use high-quality shock-resistant and shock-resistant springs, and bead plates with large track diameters. The bottom plate, upper bead plate, and lower bead plate are heat treated, and the hardness and toughness are significantly increased. Improve to. The bead plate makes the bead plate more flexible and easier to rotate, which greatly improves the force performance.

Prevent wheel damage from vibration on uneven ground.

Lightweight casters are flexible, light and durable, and the rotating parts (support rotation, rollers) must be made of materials with low friction coefficient or accessories must be assembled with special treatment. The greater the eccentricity of the bracket, the more flexible the steering, but the carrying capacity is relatively small.

The larger the wheel diameter, the smaller the driving force and the better the protection of the ground. Larger wheels spin more slowly than smaller wheels, are less susceptible to heat and deformation, and are more durable. If your installation height allows, choose wheels with the largest diameter possible.


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