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Which caster brand for medical casters is easy to use?


LPHY Is a manufacturer that produces and processes heavy-duty caster wheels, plastic casters, and other furniture

Now everyone knows that casters have a wide range of applications, and casters can be found in many places. In medical equipment, casters have also become a relatively common part. The medical caster manufacturer believes that although the size of the medical caster is relatively small and looks inconspicuous, the effect is very large.

This is about patient safety, but the choice of medical caster brand is also a crucial issue.

In medical equipment, medical casters include universal brackets, wheels and brake components, wherein the universal bracket includes left wheel housing and right wheel housing, all of which are stamped from steel plates, which greatly improves the overall appearance of the caster and enhances the bearing capacity. , The cover-type sealing area is large, it is not easy to get involved in foreign objects such as gauze cotton balls, it is more hygienic, and it has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, environmental protection and durability.

Take the stainless steel cart as an example. As a common tool cart in the medical environment, silent casters are often installed to ensure a silent and comfortable environment when pushing.

Medical trolleys can help medical staff transfer medical equipment, medicines and other items, and can also be used to help patients carry out nursing work in a timely manner, providing great convenience to both staff and patients. On the whole, the use of casters has brought great convenience to the medical industry, which is also the reason why casters are so popular in hospitals and clinics.

In addition, the application of casters is very popular.

Whether in factories, supermarkets, hospitals, warehouses, schools and mining areas, you can see the application of casters. At the same time, the quality and performance of the casters are also subject to more tests. Medical casters will seriously study the market application needs, improve the quality, and serve the society with high-quality products.


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