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Caster processing operation and quality requirements


Caster processing operation and quality requirements

How does a caster product want to have a market and be recognized by everyone, then you have to meet the needs of customers, when the caster product you produce can just solve the problems it is facing now. Even if you don't advertise, there will be people who will buy from you constantly, so when we make caster products, we should make products that meet the needs of customers first, instead of making products for the sake of making products. Then let's talk about casters from the basic processing.

Before the production of casters, add lubricating oil to each lubricating point of the lathe, and let the lathe idle for 3-5 minutes to check whether the lathe is abnormal.
If the lathe is normal, use a dial indicator to measure the lathe chuck. After confirming that the chuck meets the quality requirements, select the correct casting model, casting requirements, no oil traces, lack of material gaps, trachoma, holes, broken ribs, and iron in the inner holes. , with rust.
When processing castings, it must be close to the root of the chuck, and there is no gap between the jaws and the castings. Pay attention to the clamping of the jaws, and the holes and flush surfaces of the castings cannot be processed for the second time.

When placing the casting, step on the foot switch, hold the piece close to the root of the chuck, release the foot switch, press the work button, after the lathe rotation has completely stopped, step on the foot switch to remove the casting and go to the next process . If the casting is hard, sharpen the knife frequently.
Place the parts and take them lightly, and place them according to the regulations, so as to avoid bumps and leakage of materials when hanging PU materials. If the defects occur due to casting reasons and car processing reasons, they should be placed in the designated area and cleaned up on the same day.

When the casters are processed in the workshop, the drawings are carefully checked first, and then the products are processed. The machine tool equipment used in the processing of casters is an important way to ensure the quality of the casters after they are processed. Therefore, regular and long-term maintenance of the machine tools and equipment is the daily work that every caster processor should do.


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