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Heavy-duty swivel casters in different environments need to widen and thicken the wheels


Heavy-duty swivel casters in different environments need to widen and thicken the wheels

The choice of materials for different environments is different. The material of heavy-duty universal casters can be selected according to different environments (nylon, polyurethane, cast iron, rubber) and other casters.

Each material has advantages and disadvantages. Nylon casters have large compressive load, wear resistance, high noise, and poor shock absorption.

Cast iron casters have a large load and damage the road surface, and are suitable for environments with low requirements for tracks or road surfaces.

Rubber heavy-duty casters are not as compressive and wear-resistant as nylon, and have good shock absorption. The environment with a large load requires the wheels to be widened and thickened. The polyurethane caster is between nylon and rubber. The bearing capacity is good, the noise is low, and the use environment is not too bad. It is recommended to use it. Trials testing different material types, the stable operation of heavy duty swivel casters on the ground is a purely theoretical state.

The test process of the static load of heavy-duty casters is to fix the casters on a horizontal and smooth steel test platform with screws, and apply a force of 800N along the direction of the center of gravity of the casters to maintain 24H. After the force is removed for 24H, the condition of the casters is checked, and the deformation of the casters is measured after the experiment. It is qualified if the amount does not exceed 3% of the diameter of the wheel and the rolling of the caster after the experiment is completed, the rotation around the axis or the braking function is not damaged. In a word, there is an interaction between the quality and cost of heavy-duty caster products. In general, high-quality heavy-duty caster products are based on high costs. Cost is a prerequisite, and quality is the result.

But sometimes the high cost of the enterprise is caused by the poor quality of the product. First, the loss of waste products in the production process and the cost of repairing will increase the cost of the product.

The second is the unstable product quality accompanied by poor quality, which increases the maintenance service cost after the product is sold. Therefore, to establish the concept of improving quality is reducing costs.


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